A holistic adventure in the sky

In my spare time, I enjoy all kinds of personal adventures. I embark on such experiences to reflect and gain new insights or new inspiration, which can be of use in my professional adventures.

I always had the dream of flying, so I went on my first skydive session in Zeeland, the Netherlands. This is where I realized that building a venture is a bit like jumping out of a plane. In the beginning, it’s all a bit surreal. Like nothing you have ever done before. You ask yourself: why am I doing this? And then, you pluck up the courage to take the leap and realize you made the best decision ever. The anticipation is hugely exciting and you absorb everything much more in detail.

Looking at our world and nature from a bird's eye view and analyzing this gives us the ability to think outside, literally. The ability to get that holistic view is essential, especially in a venture environment.


A holistic view helps you to understand what is happening in our world, our society, and our industries, which are changing at a dramatically rapid pace? 

Such a view also helps you to look into the future and how you can anticipate on future developments. 

Thanks to the invention of the internet, entrepreneurship is being democratized. Time and space have become irrelevant. The same goes for the blockchain: trust is being democratized. The old way of working and old models of rules, laws, control have become disrupted.
These paradigms give us the chance to invent new models that anticipate on these constantly and ever-changing contexts. 

Don't forget to make a safe landing and start wondering what will happen next.